about us

We love natural materials and earthy colours. They bring out the most comfortable feeling in your surroundings.

Studio Rysik creates designs for apartments, houses, and public spaces such as hotels, cafes, and exclusive car showrooms. We work and create mainly in Warsaw, where our headquarters are located, although recently we have been realizing and supervising our projects throughout Poland and Europe.

We began our journey with architecture during our studies at renowned universities. However, the studies are just the beginning. For many years, we have been continuously developing our creativity and drawing inspiration from art, fashion, nature, and travel. To achieve truly unique and delightful designs, we constantly develop by participating in international fairs and training. We search for new materials in Poland and abroad.

What unites us is a passion and a pursuit of beauty. Our life is about creating. We find our greatest passion and calling in designing spaces for living, fulfilling the dreams of our clients.

Our projects

We are specialists in the field of light architecture, and it is the light, along with color, that influences our mood and subconscious perception of space.

We create so that our clients feel better, rest, and derive joy from spending their free time in their home.

Interior style

is a reflection of our clients combined with our aesthetic and inspirations gathered from around the world. We employ an eclectic mix of styles to achieve truly unique finishes.

Our favorite directions include mid-century, modern classic, contemporary, japandi, and boho. The foundation of our projects lies in earthy colors, nature, high-quality materials, all supported by the Studio Rysik signature of subtle luxury.

The practical aspects of every project are carefully considered. We skillfully manage the client's budget to focus on areas of greatest importance.

We handle the entire design process, documentation, and project implementation. We conduct author's supervision as well as turnkey execution.

Art plays a crucial role in our lives and projects. While traveling and spending leisure time, we constantly seek out new artists whose work we incorporate into our projects, creating interiors saturated with creativity and individuality.

Tailored design. Your essence in every nook.