"Studio Rysik carries out the entire project right through to completion in a way that allows clients to enjoy this creative, pleasant, and often unique period in their lives.

During our meetings, we will discuss very enjoyable topics: art, inspirations, but we will also touch upon budget matters. We create unconventional projects tailored to individual needs, which is why proper conduct during these meetings is particularly essential. In this phase, we get to know not only each other but also the property. Sometimes it's a piece of forest, a plot of land, foundations being laid in a skyscraper by a developer, or an old house requiring thorough renovation.
Functional Stage
Knowing all the functional needs, lifestyle preferences, and leisure activities, we propose several functional layouts that meet the clients' expectations. This is a technical and demanding phase, but it guarantees tailoring the apartment to the requirements of everyday life, which in our interiors is organized, and everything has its place.
Colors and Materials
The most delightful phase, where we share inspirations with our clients. Engaging discussions over coffee, exploring ideal solutions, textures, and notably, memories. We tackle every project with open hearts, treating it as a distinct and unmatched endeavor. It’s in this phase that we shape the interior’s ambiance and style, melding the client’s visions with our aesthetic, inspirations, and expertise.
Spatial visualizations are pictures that, by using perspective and taking into account color palettes, finishing materials, and elements of furniture, display the conceptual design of the decoration and outfitting of each room within the interior.
Project Documentation
Producing intricate sketches essential for executing the project. Utilizing our documents, contractors across various fields execute the project in line with predefined objectives. The documentation usually includes architectural schematics, plumbing and electrical layouts, floor and wall plans, designs for custom furniture, and details for metalwork and glass finishes.
Author's Supervision
We provide author’s supervision over our projects. We maintain continuous communication with clients and finishing teams. Our site visits ensure the maintenance of high-quality work in accordance with the design.
Cost Estimation and Work Schedule
Based on the interior design project, we prepare a detailed cost estimate, encompassing all materials required for project execution. We also provide clients with a work schedule, which we discuss and confirm with the chosen teams beforehand.
Contractors and Orders
Coordination of the schedule and oversight of orders. Over the years of working in the industry, we've had the opportunity to vet numerous subcontractors. We recommend to our clients only those we have tested and can rely on. Coordinating orders, ensuring proper delivery deadlines from both domestic and international sources.
A moment filled with emotions and pride, a culmination of months of work, first on the project and then during its execution. We always part with the project and the clients with a touch of sadness, as they often return to our studio with new projects and challenges.

What makes us unique

We specialize in the field of architectural lighting, as light along with color affects our mood and subconscious perception of space.

Every interior created by Studio Rysik originates from a kaleidoscope of inspirations: nature, fashion, architecture, art, and travel.

The practical aspects of each project are meticulously considered by us. We deftly manage the client's budget to focus on areas of greatest significance.

We create to make our clients feel more comfortable, relaxed, and joyful in spending their leisure time at home. Fundamentally, quality and timelessness are key. The interior style reflects the clients combined with our aesthetics and inspirations gathered from around the world.
We employ an eclectic blend of styles to achieve truly distinctive finishes. Our favored directions include mid-century, modern classic, contemporary, japandi, and boho.
The projects are grounded in earthy colors, nature, high-quality materials, all underscored by Studio Rysik's signature: subtle luxury. We handle the entire design process, documentation, and project implementation.
We conduct author's supervision and offer turnkey solutions.